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Midweek Trade Review

I would like to take this opportunity to do a review on the recent trades that the HarmonicForex community took for the past week.

NZDJPY H4 Chart: Bearish Shark - All closed (TP2 = +170pips)

The Bearish Shark short taken since the 17th Jan closed off at TP2 with a profit of +170pips. The move was drastic and to date, it has dropped approximately 300pips.

CADJPY D1 Chart: Bearish Bat - Currently sitting on +212pips profits

The Bearish Bat achieved TP1, closed off half a position with +155pips profits. Currently running on +212pips with a target of +340pips. My TP2 is set at 80.88. However I have protected the trade by shifting the SL to 82.88. Ensuring me a profit of at least +136pips for the remaining positions.

AUDUSD H4 Chart: Bullish Shark Pattern - (Loss -27pips)

This trade looked like a perfect trade, Bullish Shark Pattern completing at a strong support levels. Gave me the confidence. However the trade hit a stop loss of -27pips. Closed.

The following trades on AUDJPY and EURUSD were made in the previous post.

(Click HERE to access)

AUDJPY H4 Chart: Bullish ABCD Pattern - Hit Stop Loss with (-50pips)

This trade started off in the right direction and I was sitting on 40-50pips profits. Then price too a downturn. Managed to square off half a position at around break even. The remaining positions hit stop loss with a loss of -50pips

EURUSD H4 Chart: Bullish Bat Pattern worked out perfectly

Though I saw posted to the trading community, I personally missed this trade. I was waiting t and waiting for the reversal and I missed it. Trade hit TP1 with at least +70pips.

Stay tuned to my market outlook tomorrow morning.


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