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Both Patterns at crossroads - EURUSD, AUDJPY

Turned on the charts again today after a crazy eating-spree festive season and found these 2 patterns just ripe for the picking. Let's have a closer look at them.

EURUSD H4 Chart: Completed a Bullish Bat Pattern

Price formed the T-Bar. If you guys have been following my articles, you would also see that there is one of my favourite falling wedge has formed. Looking to trade the pair.

EURUSD H1 Chart: Alternative entry - break out of the wedge

If you are a confirmation trader, meaning if you need to wait for a confirmation before entering the trade, then you can wait for the break out of the wedge.

AUDJPY H4 Chart: Perfect ABCD Pattern

This is 'perfect' in my eyes because it also coincides with the Support Levels too. In addition to that, RSI is at the oversold levels

Remember everyone: A perfect pattern does not it is going to be a win, it just increases our probability. Trade right and the profits will come


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