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The Essential Technical Analysis Workshop

Everyone will probably have heard of the 101 ways to make money trading in the financial markets. However the lesser known are the one thousand other ways to lose that comes attached to it too. Most traders lose money because they do not fully understand what they are doing; they are not listening to what the market is trying to tell them.

In this workshop, you will build a good foundation of the market and be guided on how to analyse and read hormonic patterns correctly and accurately. We strive to empower you to take trading into your own hands and to be self sufficient.  

Course Modules
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Understanding Candlesticks and the psychology behind the market

  • Market Structure & Trend Lines – know the critical market levels

  • Continuation Patterns – hints of market price moving further

  • Reversal Patterns – hints of market price reversing

  • Indicator – simple but a very powerful indicator for your trading

  • Creating a Trade Plan – Battle plans to increase your winning probabilities 

Who Should Attend

The workshop is specially designed for those who are motivated to embark on a new journey to explore the world of Foreign Exchange but have minimal or even no prior knowledge of the market. It is created to get you started on

Forex Trading on the right footing. We have seen many new traders going through the painful process of learning Forex which we honestly believe, can be avoided.

The workshop is also suitable for new traders who are looking to solidify their basic foundation/knowledge of the market and to give them a more structured guidance to their trading. It is to correct and reprogram all the wrongs they

have picked up in the past.

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Workshop : The essential technical analysis

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Boon Hooi is the Director and founder of He has been trading for 10 years on various type of instruments including Stocks, CFDs, Indices, Futures and Options. In recent years, he has been mainly focused more on Forex trading.
Boon Hooi deploys Technical Analysis trading strategies together with Fundamental Analysis & Sentiment Analysis. He also puts strong emphasis on Money Management and Trade Management as the price action plays out.
He has worked as a proprietary trader for a local firm, taking trades in the tune of 10 million dollars per trade. Now, with, Boon Hooi is focused on mentoring as many traders as possible as a form of giving back to the community. Also as a Business Development Director for the company, his role is to explore new avenues to grow the business.

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