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Whether you are new to trading or are a seasoned trader, our courses are designed to address your trading needs across a range of experience levels.


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The Essential Technical Analysis Workshop


The Patterns into Profits Workshop

Harmonic Trading is an advanced trading methodology which combined the works of many  famous technicians over the past 100 years, to help traders understand the most optimal time to buy and sell in the financial markets. These are some of the technicians which contributed to the development of this system. 

  • Charles Dow (Dow Theory) 

  • W.D Gann (Gann Theory) 

  • R.N Elliot (Elliot Waves Theory) 

  • Richard Wckyoff (VSA Theory) 

  • Bryce Gilmore (Geometry of Markets) 


Combining the knowledge of the above technicians together with Fibonacci ratios, it effectively and consistently identify high probability turning points in the market. 

Here is what you would be enriched with  

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Accurate identification of trading patterns

There are many unreliable trading pattern information on the internet that might cause you more damage than good.  Learn from professionals on how to trade with greater accuracy and avoid disappointment.

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Gain professional 



We are a team of transparent traders and mentors. We guide and share everything we know with our students - no secrets untold and no

knowledge withheld.

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Knowledge not limited to Forex trading 

Harmonic Pattern Trading methodology can be applied to various financial instruments - Forex, stocks, Indices, Commodities

, Futures.

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Access to HarmonicForex community 

The Harmonic Pattern trading community is growing exponentially. Join us to be part of this community where you can share and learn from one another.

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Gain the extra edge

Harmonic Pattern Trading identifies the opportunities in advance. With the specific rules, refined entry and exit levels, we eliminate the

emotions in trading and give us that extra edge of the market.

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