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The Patterns into Profits Workshop

The Patterns into Profits (PIP) Workshop is our flag ship product specially designed to guide traders on Harmonic Pattern Trading. 

As traders, we have struggled in the past as we were trying to discover the correct trading style, time frame, strategy and psychology. Having gone through the painful trading process in the early years, our aim is to help other traders accelerate their learning process and to achieve success.


Our PIP workshop is structured mainly into 2 sections:



In this section we share the specific, easy to learn, structured rules of the

Harmonic Trading. This section covers the trade setups, in-house developed proprietary trade filters and trade management system.


This is the section where we share a lot of our past trading experiences so that the participants can avoid the trading pitfalls and quickly adopt the best practices of trading. We will hand-hold the participants to analyse the market and identify good trading opportunities.

After going through the 2 day class, graduates will be able to understand the

following :

  1. The Entire Harmonic Trading Process

  2. How to identify, execute and manage your trades

  3. Design your own trade plan that best suit your lifestyle to achieve maximum profitability

Course Modules

Day 1

  1. Harmonic Trading Introduction

  2. Fibonacci Mastery

  3. ABCD Pattern – the building blocks

  4. The Gartley Pattern

  5. The Bat Pattern

Day 2

  1. Butterfly Pattern

  2. Shark Pattern

  3. Trade Execution & Trade Management

  4. Trade Filters & Risk Management

  5. Designing your trade plan for trading success

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Workshop : The Patterns into Profits 

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is suitable for traders who

  1. are constantly struggling with the emotional see-saw of trading

  2. are struggling to achieve consistent profitable results

  3. have no proper trading system that they can rely on

The workshop is also suitable for traders who are looking for proven profitable

trading strategies to add on to their existing arsenal of strategies and trade styles.We always say that learning never ends and there is always that little extra step you can take to improve your trading results.


Boon Hooi is the Director and founder of He has been trading for 10 years on various type of instruments including Stocks, CFDs, Indices, Futures and Options. In recent years, he has been mainly focused more on Forex trading.
Boon Hooi deploys Technical Analysis trading strategies together with Fundamental Analysis & Sentiment Analysis. He also puts strong emphasis on Money Management and Trade Management as the price action plays out.
He has worked as a proprietary trader for a local firm, taking trades in the tune of 10 million dollars per trade. Now, with, Boon Hooi is focused on mentoring as many traders as possible as a form of giving back to the community. Also as a Business Development Director for the company, his role is to explore new avenues to grow the business.

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