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 We currently run 2 courses in Singapore, which are suitable for both beginner and advanced traders. BFT is our beginner course, RTM is our flagship Harmonic Trading – Ratio Trading Mastery Course which has been running for the last 3 years.

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About The Company(HFX Pte LTD)

HarmonicForex is a Singapore based Forex Firm widely recognized as the “Authority” on Harmonic Trading. We provide Forex educational courses and subscription serves designed to help both beginner and advanced traders improve their trading. We are private fund traders ourselves and have helped many of our clients secure trading roles in established fund management firms worldwide through our network and influence. Founded in 2011, we have conducted over 100 seminars and empowered thousands of traders worldwide.
If this is your first time here, first look through our blog, that is where we share every single week about potential trading setups that we feel can bring profits to you guys. If you are based in Singapore, you are welcomed to hear us speak publicly about how Harmonics, combined with proper risk management strategies can turn ordinary people into professional traders


—To empower everyone to make a consistent income from trading


—To be Asia’s most trusted trading mentor, providing the highest quality of Forex trading education

All trading ideas shared are not to be taken at face value. For best results, it has to be combined with a good risk management system where we risk no more than 2% of our equity per trade 
We will only share information that we deem is beneficial to our followers. 

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We are nothing without our community, and we will do our best to keep helping them grow!

The Harmonicforex team is one of the most transparent educators I worked with. With them, I finally understood the importance of a stop loss and I broke all my previous records in trading!
Isaac Kang, Engineering
I appreciate how accurate the entry, stops and targets were shared in the course. I learned alot more about the mental thought process of becoming a trader than I expected.I also love the fact that I can now filter lousy harmonic trades out from good ones!
Ch Su, Business Owner
I made 470 pips in January and 442 pips in February 2014 after attending the course. Thanks for the constant tips from the trainers and constant support to us even though we have long graduated.
Hwee Fong, HR Professional