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HarmonicForex.com is the only trading academy certified by Scott Carney( The creator of Harmonic Trading)  to teach Harmonic trading in Asia.

From failure to success, the school is run by 3 traders, Terry, Snehath and Boon Hooi who have dramatically changed their trading results after learning how to have an edge over the market by trading Harmonics.

Since it’s launch in 2012, HarmonicForex trading academy has trained more than 800 students and reached out to more than 5000 traders across Asia, slowly making a name in the market as transparent trading educators who will rather risk you hear the real truth about how tough trading is and not learn from them rather than try to impress you with unrealistic expectations which will slow you down in your pursuit of trading success

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 RTM is HarmonicForex’s flagship advanced Forex Course which we have been running since 2012. In this course, we will teach basic and advanced Harmonic Trading techniques and professional risk management strategies which will help traders build a strong foundation in professional trading and will allow them to grow in the right direciton
The HarmonicForex Trader’s Induction program (HTIP) is a progressive trading program which we refer our clients to our partner firm where they can manage funds after they graduate from the RTM course. HTIP was launched in 2015, we have since enrolled many of our graduates into this program which focuses on identifying high potential traders where our partner firm can allocate them up to 7 figures of funds to trade with.

Why you should partner with HarmonicForex

  • Recognized educator, have partnered with major financial institutions, schools and organizations 
  • The only Forex education firm that provides a quality prop trading program for graduates to participate in
  • Over 100 seminars, absolutely no complains from seminar participants
  • Learn from 3 professional fund traders in a single school
  • We have a close knitted trading community conditioned for traders to improve and grow together
  • Transparency – We have screwed up before. However, we always own up to our mistakes and will never take our client’s trust in us for granted

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