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"Seafood Platter" on CADCHF - Trading the Shark & Crab Pattern

Market Outlook and Analysis (2020 WW08)

Currency Pair: CADCHF

CADCHF D1 Chart – Bullish Shark completed, bounced off and retraced 50%

The pair obediently bounce off the support levels after the completion of a Bullish Shark pattern on the Daily charts. Now resisted by the 50% fib level of the move. It is still showing signs of a bullish bias this moment. This retracement would mean a better price entry for traders.

CADCHF H4 Chart – Potential Bullish Shark

Last week, I was too stingy an put too tight a SL and got hit. SL should have been higher and the bearish Crab would have been profitable now.

Moving ahead, the chart is showing us a Bullish Shark could potentially complete at the 0.7340 levels. Will keep a look out for this potential to go long. Those who has shorted the crab, could look at this level to take profits.


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