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GBPUSD - Bullish Gartley Completion

One of my students actually spotted this pattern for discussion. Very clean & nice pattern formed and I thought that I share it with the community. Thanks Wei Ming for pointing this out in the Facebook Sharing Group : HarmonicForex Sharing Room. Everyone is welcome to join the group, just don't spam nonsense, we will remove you if you do.

GBPUSD - Bullish Gartley

Pattern completed and price bounced off the PRZ. Since we are already late to the party, an alternative trigger will be to wait for either one of the following:

- a retracement back to the PRZ

- a formation of a continuation pattern (for example a Bull Flag)

- a break of a new high, for those who are more aggressive.

Please note and re-calculate your risk to reward for the trade before engaging.


Trade well and the profits will take care of itself !!

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