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Is it Yanny or Laurel ?

HI everyone,

You must have heard about the trend by now. My daughters let me hear the audio clip, not sure about you guys but I could only hear only Laurel. Made me think about the similarity of this to trading. When everyone looks at the charts, we either have a bullish or a bearish bias, that is how the market works. Just like hearing Yanny or Laurel.

From last week's post on CADJPY and EURAUD (Click Here!!).

CADJPY - shorted the pair, price move only a little and exited at breakeven

EURAUD - price never reacted to the PRZ, broke below the TL support. No trade

In this up coming week, the Yannys and Laurels will be calling out to us again.

AUDUSD H4 - I see both Bullish and Bearish Butterflies on the charts

EURUSD H4 Completed a Bullish Bat pattern.

The bearish momentum is still strong, I believe that we will have to be patient and let this stabalise for a while before it can reverse and move up. Patience !!

Let's monitor these 2 trades closely next week. Cheers, trade safe and trade well !!

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