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Top priority trades for this week !!

Hi everyone,

I have been a little busy lately, hence the lesser posts here in the last 2 weeks. Anyways all good, planning and looking to bring more content to you guys. Stay tuned ya....

Let's have a look at the charts. I would be looking to trade these setups in this coming week.

AUDCHF - Bullish Shark Pattern on the Hourly Charts

Charts are showing me that the pattern is to complete at 0.7445. Will stay patient and wait for the completion. (Click on the chart to link to my TradingView)

USDJPY - Bearish Shark has completed on the Daily

Now looking for retracement on the smaller time frame to get a better price for a short.

H1 charts showing us a potential Bearish Bat pattern

Trade well and trade safe everyone. Cheers, until next time.

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