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Do you know where the GBP is heading?

Hi Traders,

Thank you for your continuous support via my website and Facebook group. It is brand new week in the markets and there are many opportunities for us to look at.

The question that is always in a traders mind is "Where will this pair move next?" How I answer this question is by looking at the hints the charts shows me. Today I will be looking at the GBP. Let's start with the EURGBP.

EURGBP shows us that a bullish Shark pattern has completed on the Daily Chart. A nice pin bar on Friday and price is at the bottom of the channel. A high probability trade would be to look to go long on this pair.

When do you think we can go long? Filter down to the hourly chart and look for further patterns. We want to find bullish patterns. At this moment, I see a classical pattern forming. It has not confirmed yet, so I will be patient and wait for confirmation.

EURGBP H1 - forming an Inverted HnS with a clear neckline confirmation

I believe this could be a good trade for us to take. Even if the charts are all aligned, there is still a chance for failure. So trade with the right position sizing according to your account size and of course, always put a stop loss on your trades.

Looking at another GBP pair, this time GBPNZD. I see 2 bearish patterns on the H1 charts. The Bat has completed and there is a Shark slightly higher

At this moment, the pair is resisted strongly by the Bat PRZ. Giving me a hint that the next moved will be a down move.

Until my next post..... Trade well and trade safe !!!

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