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Potential Daily Patterns Completing

Hi Traders,

April is approaching fast and I hope you guys are having fun trading 2018. I know I am !! In this sharing post, I am liking these patterns that are forming :

- Harmonic Patterns

- Confluence with channels / trend lines

Let me show you what I mean. Have a look at AUDUSD Daily chart,it is forming a bullish Gartley pattern completing around the 0.7612 levels. I would expect the price to go slightly lower from these current levels towards the PRZ

Note : Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) are the area we would expect the price to start reversing. One way is to let the price reject the zone before you enter the trade.

So keep a watch for AUDUSD at 0.7612 zone

EURGBP seems to have already turned bullish but the charts are showing me that it could potentially make another low before it fully reverses. I am expecting price to come down to the 0.8650 zone.

Hoping EURGBP makes another dip for us to go long.

Trade well and trade safe guys !!!


I will be making my way to Kuala Lumpur next week. I am having a sharing session on Monday evening (2nd April) - 8pm. Lots of sharing planned that evening.

See you guys there during the session. Please book your seat via the link below

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