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Risk Off trades kick in !!

Hi Traders,

I believe it has started !! RISK OFF - run for your lives. In my recent talks in Singapore, I pointed out the exponential rise of the DowJones Index. What usually comes after an exponential rise ? A sharp drop, which we saw happen last week.

The risk-off scenario is when the market avoids taking risk. Stock markets tumble and from the Forex trading community will naturally see a sell off in the commodity currencies. Similar tumbles seen on the AUDUSD.

In brief, this is what happens in the risk-off scenario. Market avoids risk - sell down in stocks to lock in profits and to reduce risk - sell off in the commodities currency because they are naturally related to growth in the global economy and considered high risk currencies - market buys JPY (commonly used as the funding currency) to repay their loans. In another words, sell AUD, NZD, CAD and buy JPY, USD

Moving ahead next week, I would be looking for the risk-off trades to continue.

On a separate note, analysing the non USD related pair. I see a nice Gartley forming on the EURGBP. The PRZ is also at the Daily Trend Line resistance which gives us a better confluence of potential sellers there.

The momentum up is strong, can potentially look for a long all the way up to the Gartley PRZ.

Trade well and trade safe everyone.


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