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Weekly Trade Reviews (+320pips and counting)

Morning Traders,

Let's have a look at the trades we posted in the past week or so. We had some good trades, missed one and of course there are some that were not triggered.

USDCAD Bearish Gartley (Click to see TV charts) +169pips

Shorted the pair as it started to fall, above the PRZ. The move was swift and could quickly move my SL to break even. Stress free after that. Closed at protective stops at 1.2718 (+169pips)

NZDCAD Bullish Bat (Click to see TV charts) +1pip

Price went way below the PRZ and exhausted itself, that was when I took the trade. Indeed the PRZ became a resistance many times before it broke above. However, I was being cautious on this trade and moved my protective SL to break even. Price did touch my SL first before it went flying off. Out of trade with +1pip

EURJPY Bullish Bat H1 - No Trade, did not hit my expected PRZ

EURUSD Bullish Gartley H4 - Went below PRZ and did not take the trade. Now this pattern looks interesting again as it is back at the PRZ.

GBPCHF Bearish DeepCrab H4 - Currently still in the trade

Price reacted nicely to the PRZ, then came back up to form a pin bar. That was when I took the trade. Currently sitting on +150pips. Hoping that it is just a rest before it resume the fall. Protective stops at 1.3338 (locking in a minimum of +107pips)

It has been a good past 2 weeks trading for me. Staying grounded and focused. Planning new classes to kick start the new year in Jan. Stay tuned

BTW, did you managed to read about the trading references I did on my nature reserve walks? Click HERE to see that post

Cheers everyone, trade well and trade safe !! Cheers.



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