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My Nature Walk ("Making Trading References")

Hello Traders,

I was out on a holiday with the family at Gold Coast, Australia last week. First time there ever (anyone of you from there give me a shout yah). Had a great time there, got back home and downloaded the photos. One of the days we took a walk in the rain forest at Mary Cairncross Nature Reserve, inspired me to write this blog to make references to Trading.

There are so many things occurring in nature that we can use to relate back to the Trading world to understand, learn and improve. Caught some photos during the walk here below.

Diverse Wildlife: "In our trading/investment journey, we will encounter different financial instruments displaying different characteristics and movements. To trade them, we have to understand them and know the dangers (or safety) that lurks within them. Do not just assume everything is fine"

Clear Paths :

"When we learn and trade the correct way, many times we will be able to see a clear path and direction of the market"

We have to be diligent and patient, take full advantage of the clear paths, trade what is presented to us by the market"

Split Paths :

"Every trader will always encounter a point where they have to make a critical decision.

- Cut losses vs holding on

- Take profits vs riding further

- Reduce vs Add positions

are among the few common decisions we make each trading day"

The Fallen Trees :

"Thru the trading years, we have seen many fallen traders

- losing trades

- busting their entire accounts

- totally quit trading

don't let that discourage you, perseverance is key"

Mushrooms on dead tree bark :

"From every mistake that we make, we have to learn from them and improve so that we can trade better.

I am not worried about falling down, what is more important is that I am able to recover from the fall.

We do see rainbows after a storm "

Taking a break :

"Once a while we have to take some time away from trading, reflect on the good and bad and come back trading stronger

One of Steven Covey 7 Habits of highly successful people - sharpen your saw. We need to constantly improve and find newer ways to trade better. Maybe it be in your entries, exits or trade managements"

Chaotic twisted vines :

"Market movements always looks messy and chaotic. Our job as Technical Trader is to find the order within the chaos.

Harmonic Patterns Trading is one of the TA methods you can adopt to trade"

Twisted vines in the RainForest :

"In my opinion, having a trading community is very important. These are the people, peers, seniors, mentors who you can leverage on improving your trading.

A community helps each other and grows together

There will be ups and downs in your trading journey, having a trading community to rely on will help you through the bumps and bruises.

Message to all:

We are building a cohesive trading community here at HarmonicForex. I will share as many trades as I possibly can and I would like all of you to share your trades too. Don't worry if you get the trades wrong, no one will blame you. Anyways, no one can get it right all the time.

As a team, we can analyse and explore more trades together. See the market from different perspectives and reap in the pips together. :)

I am involved in various trading projects. PM me to find out more, tell me your trading stories as I want to know you guys better, there are many ways you can get involved regardless if you are a new, experienced or even a non trader.

Cheers everyone, I am looking forward to a new trading year in 2018

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